Curriculum Planning and Choosing the Right Courses
How classes work. The Potter's School offers a complete curriculum of high quality on-line elementary (currently grade 4 and up), junior high and senior high courses, taught from a biblical worldview. We also offer many AP and college credit courses. Live classroom sessions are used to highlight significant material and provide students an opportunity to interact with one another and with the teacher. All of our courses emphasize timely individual feedback and evaluation. To learn more about how a class works, please go here.

Plan your curriculum and courses wisely. Use this page to research how TPS approaches each subject, get a feel for the wide range of courses available in each subject, and see our recommended courses by grade in each subject. Use the chat tab on the right side of the page to ask for live help in picking your classes. We will answer your questions there, and also refer you to an Academic Advisor (phone or skype appointment) from there if needed.

Browse and search course lists. When you're done researching each subject of interest on this page, go to our amazing Course Finder to look through a list of course information (description, prerequisites, syllabus, materials list, placement test, cost, schedule) and research the details of specific courses.

Enroll. When you're ready to register and enroll, please go here.

Courses - College
College Credit

Courses - Summer
Summer Classes

Courses - GCL
Grammar, Writing
& Literature

Courses - SocialSciences
History, Government
& Social Studies

Courses - ArtMusic
Art, Music, Photography
& Digital Graphics

Courses - AP
AP™ Courses

Courses - AE
Academic & Career
Exploration Electives

Courses - Math

Courses - ForeignLanguage
Foreign Languages

Courses - Worldview
Courses - Elem
Elementary Classes

Courses - EFL
English as a
Foreign Language

Courses - Science

Courses - CompSci
Computer Programming
& Applications

Courses - Bible
Bible &
Biblical Languages

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