Courses and Enrollment
The Potter's School offers a complete curriculum of high quality on-line junior and senior high courses that are highly academically rigorous and taught from a thoroughly biblical worldview. Live weekly classroom sessions (interactive audio, presentation, whiteboard) are used to highlight significant material and to afford students an opportunity to interact with one another and with the instructor. All of our courses strongly emphasize timely individual feedback and evaluation.

<-- I want to understand how TPS approaches a subject (English, Math, Science, etc.) and see recommended core and elective courses listed by grade for that subject.

<-- I want to know more about the four-year integrated TPS Classical program, dual college credit courses, AP courses, summer courses, worldview courses, or other core programs.

<-- I want to discuss course selection or curriculum planning by phone or skype.

<-- I know roughly what courses I am looking for, and I want to filter and search a course list by grades and topics.

<-- I want to browse course list catalogs, and see details (description, prerequisites, topics, materials, placement tests, cost, schedule) about each course.

<-- I want to see what days and times TPS offers each course so I can plan my schedule (class times for the upcoming summer and school year are posted just prior to enrollment opening).

<-- I want to know more about Advanced Placement™ courses from TPS.

<-- I want to know more about an accredited high school transcript for TPS courses or high school diploma from TPS (for U.S. and non-U.S. students).

<-- I want to know more about dual college credit from Belhaven University through TPS.

<-- I am a non-U.S. student with good conversational English interested in gaining a high level of proficiency in Academic English.

<-- I am a non-U.S. student seeking academically challenging courses taught in English, or even a rigorous high school diploma with accredited transcript that is recognized internationally.

<-- I want to understand how the enrollment, placement, seating, and payment process works.

<-- I know what courses and sections I want, and I am ready to enroll (new family or returning family).

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