Global Community and Service
The Potter's School offers the most academically solid on-line classes taught from a biblical worldview that you will find anywhere. But even the great classes are just part of a larger work to bring faith, discipleship, and scholarship together in excellence for families worldwide. We offer many opportunities for students and families to grow in their faith, strengthen their relationships, and improve their academic education.

TPS works with select partners worldwide, serving together in long-term relationships to promote sacrificial love, support, and redemption. We work with local ministries supporting their on-going work among their own people, not with outsider groups providing handouts that foster dependence. We serve as equals with respect, not as superiors with condescension, and we value the history, culture, and unique identity of the people we partner with and serve. We prefer to quietly and compassionately embody the Good News for the sake of others, while we avoid drawing attention to ourselves. In the course of our service and ministry, we travel and lead team trips that are unparalleled in their ministry, discipleship, and cultural opportunities (ask anyone who has participated in them), but we discourage "voluntourism" or other self-fulfilling or self-perpetuating approaches to ministry and service trips.

Please check out this schedule of Trips and Events, and then keep reading below for details on each ministry, trip or opportunity.

Weekly Chapel and special services - In partnership with Changing Lives Ministries, a student-run ministry, TPS offers a Saturday chapel. Students, teachers, parents, friends and guests are welcome to attend. Each service includes worship, music, devotions, and teaching, from pastors, seminary presidents, college presidents, TPS teachers, TPS students, or CLM staff. Please see the upcoming TPS Chapel schedule.

Camps and events - We have winter camps, summer camps + graduation, leadership camps, recreational gatherings, and more. These are not just fun events, or even fun educational events -- they are also worship- and discipleship-focused opportunities to build relationships and grow in faith. We partner with the awesome Miracle Mountain Ranch for many of these events. Check out the schedule of camps and events.

China - TPS supports Chinese parents and educators in their development and implementation of quality Christian education in China, for Chinese students and families. We partner with local schools and teaching groups, to help teach English, build relationships, strengthen families, and share cultural exchanges. In addition to year-round collaboration with partner organizations, we often bring a team of TPS students, teachers, families and friends to provide an English program and enjoy a cultural exchange. More...

Honduras - Since 2008 TPS has been helping our partner village, San Antonio de Capapan, by assisting with medical services for the children, providing Gospel-based activities and lessons in the school, leading Bible studies with the teens and adults, and helping with the construction of latrines and other clean water projects. Through our relationship with the community of San Antonio, we have seen living conditions improve, children’s health problems decline, individuals come to faith, and families and marriages strengthened. In addition to year-round collaboration, every year we bring a team of TPS students, teachers, families and friends to work in our partner village, and to work with the people of San Antonio to reach out to neighboring villages. More...

Laos - Laos remains one of a shrinking number of third-world communist countries. TPS partners with select groups for humanitarian and social work with children, and cultural exchanges for students. We often bring a team of TPS students, teachers, families and friends to share in the work and cultural exchange. More....

Thailand - TPS partners with a local Thai ministry to fight human trafficking and sex-trade slavery. The trip includes learning the "pipeline" from village to sex-worker or slave, spending time and building relationships with villagers, and serving in a "halfway house" ministry that provides workers a path to redemption and new life. The trip also includes time in Bangkok seeing major cultural sites.. This annual trip is open by application to TPS families and friends, but due to the nature of the ministry it is selective in age and maturity. More...

France - For over 15 years TPS French teachers and families have been working with the International Christian Community in Europe to provide Bible camps, concerts, and other outreach activities in Marseille and other cities in France. This includes an annual trip, open by application to TPS students, teachers, families and friends. More...

Honor Society - Our Jericho International Honor Society actively promotes biblical leadership and godly character through service, then formally recognizes that service through letters and awards that can be listed on transcripts and resumes.

Socially networked - To connect our community, we have private meeting rooms in which our students around the globe can study together, have group meetings, or just conference for fun. We have student-led Bible studies and prayer meetings. We have a discussion forum that features not only active discussions, but highly customizable profiles (like a dynamic yearbook page), blogs, albums for photos and video, and more. We even publish a professional-quality school newspaper, an e-zine fully staffed by our students.

Keep in touch - To keep up with our news, trips, and events, you can check our community news page regularly. Better yet, Like us on Facebook, and get notified of all our announcements and activities. Or, best of all, sign up for a free account (all we need is your family name and email) that gives you full access to all our classes, seminars, events, trips, and more.
"Thank your team so much for coming to bless our little group here in Asia. I felt so overwhelmed when I thought about high school, transcripts, colleges, and financial aid -- and especially a firm spiritual foundation. You were such a huge blessing to us personally, in addition to all the tons of information you gave us. We could have sat at your feet for many more days, if not weeks."

"Not only can you learn in the classes, but you can also have fun in the online yearbook, the student-moderated forums, and the meeting rooms."

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