Tuition Assistance
We do not want cost to keep families from participating in our classes, so we price our courses as low as we can to make them accessible to as many families as possible. However, we recognize that any cost is difficult for some families to bear. Thanks to the generosity of families, staff, and other donors, we have a limited Tuition Assistance fund. We use it to provide Tuition Assistance to single mothers of limited means and to overseas (serving outside their passport country) families with both limited means and reduced access to good education resources (e.g., remote locations).

Our Tuition Assistance is not a scholarship for a prearranged amount, but rather a gift to reduce the cost of courses already enrolled. Please do not enroll in courses with the expectation or "requirement" for tuition assistance as a prerequisite for taking the course. Please consider it a gift if we are able to provide tuition assistance to offset costs you were expecting to pay. At the end of the summer we review all the applications and distribute the available assistance funds for that year as wisely as we can across those applications.

We are generally able to consider only core courses that are hardest to study independently (English, Math, required Science), and we provide no more than half the tuition of any course. We generally do not provide assistance for the AP portion of a course (the AP cost above the regular high school course cost), or for electives. We also do not generally consider summer courses for Tuition Assistance. We require families who receive assistance to pay their portion first, but we do consider payment plans.

In making decisions regarding distribution of limited Tuition Assistance funds, we also consider a family's history in how many courses they take from TPS, courses not completed, and other factors that help us assess the real value of the courses (and the assistance) to the family.

Please do not request Tuition Assistance until you have (1) enrolled and are holding Open Seats (not Wait List seats) in all your courses, (2) received placement approval (Teacher Approval) for all your courses, and (3) paid your Family Registration Fee and initial Tuition Payment. If you are eligible and wish to be considered for tuition assistance, please submit an application.
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