NCAA Requirements and Submission
NCAA has recently changed their requirements, so that an accredited transcript is no longer sufficient proof for eligibility of coursework. TPS courses meet the NCAA requirements for "non-traditional courses)," but under NCAA guidelines TPS students are "home schooled" (and possibly under a state "umbrella school"), not "enrolled" in TPS.

Therefore, students must submit TPS courses just as they do their other courses taken at home or through other organizations (co-ops, etc.). TPS provides the necessary information for submitting to NCAA under NCAA "home school" guidelines.

Home schooled students follow the NCAA guidelines listed here:

These guidelines require you to submit the "Core Course Worksheet." In this worksheet, you may list your TPS teacher, and TPS as the curriculum provider, and provide your TPS grade. You must also provide other information about your course, all of which is found in your TPS StudyPlace Class Page (Overview tab). However, your overall course administration is done by the parent and the overall transcript is provided by the parent. TPS courses are taken within the context of and under the administration of your home school.

Umbrella school students should consult their umbrella schools for guidance on how to submit their coursework to NCAA. The process is similar, with the Core Course Worksheets required, but the administration and transcripting fall under the umbrella school.
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