Supporting The Potter's School
The foundational mission of The Potter's School is to turn the hearts of kids to their parents, the hearts of parents to their kids, and the hearts of both to the Lord, that families may be strengthened for sacrificial service to God in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. The Potter's School helps families throughout the world to more effectively disciple their children to serve God in excellence in all labor, including academics, service, and outreach. Our primary approach to family discipleship and service is to promote integration of faith, family, and labor into unified processes rather than competing priorities.

Toward this end, we offer courses that excel in biblical worldview and scholarship, so your family may have support in doing all your schoolwork in excellence as unto the Lord. We provide tuition assistance to overseas faith workers serving on support-based incomes in areas with limited educational resources, and to single mothers homeschooling on limited means. We also bring the U.S. homeschool community together to serve others families and students throughout the world. We partner with a village in Honduras, to help with their infrastructure and material resources, their family relationships, their study of the Bible, their schooling, and their outreach to other villages. We regularly serve in Thailand, in a refugee village, and in aid of victims rescued from trafficking. We have significant partnerships in two other countries as well, in strengthening families and educating students there.

Why contribute to the work of The Potter's School, especially if you're already paying for classes? If you aren't already familiar with us and the various ways we support families in raising their kids to honor their parents and serve God wholeheartedly, then please take some time to look over our News site, and consider supporting the ministries of The Potter's School.

The Potter's School is a registered U.S. 501.c.3 organization.
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