Credit - Which TPS courses are eligible for high school credit on Transcripts and Grade Reports
Transcripts Made by Parents

As a homeschooling parent, you may assign credit, and even grades, as you deem appropriate and as allowed by your State. TPS provides unsigned grade reports, with percentage scores for each course completed, to help you with this. Most US colleges will accept the parent-generated transcript for a student applying as a home-schooled student.

For parent-generated transcripts, we urge sober-mindedness in determining the credits (including the use of the label "Honors") and letter grades, because if a college admissions process gains the impression that a transcript is "inflated" in some area, such as by comparison of the transcript with the student's SAT or ACT scores, it may color that student's entire application and cause it to be rejected on principle.

Signed Grade Reports and Accredited Transcripts from TPS

As an alternative to the parent-generated transcript, TPS students can request an accredited high school transcript or a signed grade report for all TPS high school core courses and college-credit courses. These courses are listed as "Credit" in the course details. These externally validated reports and transcripts generally carry a wider acceptance than parent-generated transcripts.

We offer a signed Grade Report or Accredited Transcript for all courses listed for high school credit, with the following stipulations:
  • Courses not listed for "Credit" in the the course details will be included on a signed Grade Report with "No Credit" specified. "No Credit" courses will not be included on an Accredited Transcript.
  • Courses dropped prior to completion receive no credit, including partial credit, and are not listed in any Grade Report or Accredited Transcript.
  • Courses taken in Audit status will be listed as "Audit" with no grade and no credit. These courses may also not be used as prerequisites for other courses.
  • If a signed Grade Report or Accredited Transcript is requested for a course taken more than once, we list both courses and grades.
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