Mission - Who is TPS?
Our tagline is: Scholarship. Discipleship. Excellence. What do we mean by this?

The Potter's School promotes excellence in academic scholarship from a biblical worldview, and excellence in discipleship toward godly character and wisdom, as an integrated grace-based process. With regard to Scholarship, since God is Truth, all academic learning is a study of God and the outworkings of His Logos. With regard to Discipleship, teaching and parenting are related roles that influence a student's whole Heart (intellect, emotion, will). With regard to Excellence, the Grace of the Cross makes continual pursuit of God's designed best for us in all endeavors a joyful realization of who we already are, not a frustrating effort to earn something from man or God.

The mission of The Potter's School is to provide and promote Scholarship and Discipleship, integrated together in the pursuit of Excellence through Grace.

Our Courses

Internet conferencing technology has made it possible for students to take live courses on-line, from their home or some other distant location. Such classes afford students wonderful opportunities for expert instruction in a variety of topics, expanding academic options while also supporting higher academic standards. The Potter's School provides globally accessible on-line courses in which the ideals we value as educators -- a biblical worldview, high academic standards, and timely personal feedback -- are honored by a dedicated group of teachers who share these values. We offer a full range of core and elective courses for students in grades 6 through 12 (grades 4 through 12 in English and Math).

Our courses are thoroughly biblically based and thoroughly academically rigorous -- excelling in both areas at an integrated level you will have trouble finding elsewhere. They are academically stronger than what you will get from another high school and even many colleges, and they are presented from a comprehensive biblical worldview. Students who complete their junior and senior year classes at The Potter's School and go on to top universities and military academies consistently report back to us how much better prepared they are than their university classmates. We have a proven consistent track record of outstanding success after high school because our courses not only teach to high academic standards from a biblical worldview, they also help instill initiative, diligence, and godly purpose -- rare qualities which are essential to success in college and beyond.

The Potter's School currently serves thousands of students from throughout the United States and around the world. Because of our global reach, we provide a unique resource to U.S. and international home educated students, international students seeking a U.S. transcript or diploma, and to faith workers serving overseas in challenging locations without good educational resources. We help keep families together by helping them avoid boarding schools and other options that separate them.

Though we specialize in synchronous distance education, our live interactive approach builds relationships that de-emphasize the "distance" element. Our teachers are well qualified within their fields of expertise, and they are also mentors who get to know their students so they can provide the timely meaningful feedback that is essential to effective education. Furthermore, all members of The Potter's School staff have formally pledged to support a biblical statement of faith, home education values, and high standards of customer service.

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Our Community

Since on-line education is more than just an alternate classroom setting, The Potter's School offers more than just on-line classes.
  • We have key partnerships with an accredited transcript provider, an expert college and career counselor, and a classroom technology provider, all of which we integrate in our service to families.
  • We partner with Belhaven University to provide dual credit college opportunities in high school.
  • We have international partnerships in China, Honduras, Thailand, Indonesia, Western Europe, and South Korea. We have staff all over the world, including Russia and China.
  • Our Jericho International Honor Society actively promotes biblical leadership and Godly character through service, then formally recognizes that service through letters and awards that can be listed on transcripts and resumes.
  • We have annual gatherings and events, winter camps, summer camps, and family retreats.
  • We regularly take students and parents on U.S. and overseas trips that integrate faith, service, and education (and fun!) to build each participant's leadership and character while expanding his or her biblical worldview.
We also use the internet to build community. We've established private meeting rooms in which our students around the globe can study together, have group meetings, or just conference for fun. We have a discussion forum that features not only active discussions, but highly customizable profiles (like a dynamic yearbook page), blogs, albums for photos and video, and more. We even publish a school newspaper, an e-zine staffed by our students.

As our global reach has increased, we have become increasingly aware of the additional challenges involved in educating children in a biblical worldview while living outside the United States. We understand that overseas families often do not have access to the academic and faith resources we in the U.S. take for granted. We have committed ourselves to helping these families in a number of ways. We devote considerable effort to making our courses technically and financially accessible to overseas families, and we offer an increasing number of class sessions at times that are more convenient for families in non-U.S. time zones. In our registration process we ensure that overseas families have priority access to class sections that work best for their schedules. We provide extra academic counseling and transcripting support to international families. We are also often asked to travel overseas to provide training and resources for overseas families. Prior to these visits we assess the needs of the families we have been invited to serve, so we can assemble from our staff the best team to meet those needs. In addition to academic topics, all of our conferences include practical seminars on integrating faith, family and education in a biblical discipleship approach to parenting.

Our Friends

As a non-profit organization, The Potter's School appreciates those who make our work possible. We are honored to work with GatherWorks as a technology partner. We are pleased to join with Customized Education Designs for accredited transcripts. We are pleased to partner with Belhaven University for their High Scholars program and dual credit opportunities. We are privileged to work with Miracle Mountain Ranch for our camps and other events. We are also grateful to all the individuals who support our international work in building faith, family, and education together, and to those who support out Tuition Assistance fund for single mothers and overseas workers. If you share our goals, please pray for our work and please consider contributing to our ministry.
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