GP6 - How do I open a GP6 Document?
To open a GP6 Document, usually your teacher will provide you a link to click. But sometimes you may be given a Document ID. A GP6 Document ID looks like this: 26C58A1D81T1F2A4B99A425723AD2A13. To open a GP6 Document from the Document ID:

  1. Open GP6 (you must be connected to the internet and logged into GP6, but not joined to a meeting room).
  2. Click the "folder" button (next to Logout).

    GP6 - Library Button

  3. Paste the Document ID into the field labeled "Other Document ID" and click Load (paste using CTRL+v (Windows) or CMD+v (Mac)).

    GP6 - Load Other Doc ID

  4. The GP6 Document loads as a set of Slides.

  5. If you make any changes to the Document you just loaded, GP6 will automatically create a new Version with you as the owner. This new Version will still be linked to and visible to the Document's original owner.
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