How does TPS choose its textbooks and curricula?
TPS provides elementary through college courses that integrate scholarship and biblical faith in excellence. Every subject -- Writing, Humanities, Math, Science, etc. -- has knowledge and skills goals that can be planned, taught, and evaluated, at every level of every subject. TPS courses work from clearly-stated objectives, that are planned, taught, and evaluated at each level, to provide a smooth path to complete college readiness in every subject.

How does TPS choose its textbooks?

We have an experienced team that reviews the content of each major text or resource. We look for:

  • Scope and level: Does it cover the topics needed in sufficient depth for success in later courses?
  • Coherence: Does it merge well with the courses that come before and after it, so progression is a smooth slope upward from Elementary through College?
  • Resources: Does it offer good additional media resources to support the home learner, who is relying heavily on self-study?
  • Evaluation: Does it support regular testing and evaluation to make sure students are progressing, and that students can know their own progress.
  • Biblical worldview: Does it support biblical faith and academic scholarship being integrated, or does it place them in opposition?

There is no perfect or ideal textbook, and we choose the best one for our goals of preparing students for college and career, with faith and scholarship integrated together. We supplement where necessary to achieve this standard. And we provide expert teaching to guide the critical study and analysis of all the texts and resources we use.

What about Common Core?

In terms of standards, TPS exceeds the Common Core. In terms of methodology or focus, TPS is not guided by the Common Core. We do our own independent textbook evaluations and build our own lesson plans (as we have for more than 20 years), focusing on merging top-notch academic scholarship with a thoroughly biblical worldview.

Since TPS academic standards exceed the Common Core standards, we don't use Common Core as a metric for textbook selection. Occasionally our textbook selection process will end up with a book that includes "Common Core" in its nomenclature, but this is incidental. We don't favor or reject a book just because the cover says "Common Core" or because it is from a particular publisher -- we review for content to maximize our goals and standards of preparing students for success in top colleges.

Does TPS favor certain publishers or programs?

Unlike many other on-line academic providers, TPS is not an extension of or subordinate to any publisher or external organization. We don't sell products for a profit, and we do not allow advertising. We are free to pursue our primary goal of providing elementary through college courses that integrate scholarship and biblical faith in excellence.
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