EFL - English as a Foreign Language
TPS English as a Foreign Language (EFL) trains students in academic English, so they can excel in other classes that use English in the classroom and in writing. TPS EFL can prepare you for Math courses, Science courses, Social Studies courses, and even English Literature and Writing courses.

Prior to beginning the TPS EFL courses, the student must demonstrate sufficient conversational English skills. This is assessed through an interview with the teacher.

Then the student will take TPS EFL-Intermediate (EFL-I) for one or two years, depending on his progress. (There is also a TPS EFL-Summer class to help students prepare for their first EFL-I class.)

After one or two years of EFL-I, the student should be ready to enroll in TPS Writing Fundamentals 5 (WF5) or Writing Fundamentals 6 (WF6), with the help of a tutor. The tutor program is called EFL-Advanced (EFL-A) tutoring. Then the student may progress each year from WF5 to WF6 to English 1 to English 2, with an EFL-A tutor assigned each year until his writing is academically good and the tutor is no longer required.

After completing Writing Fundamentals 6, the student can join TPS Math classes and TPS Elementary Science classes.

After completing English 1, the student can join TPS grades 7-8 Science classes.

After completing English 2, the student can join TPS Social Studies courses.

After completing TPS English 3, without an EFL-A tutor, the student can take TPS high school academic English Literature and Writing courses, and progress up to College courses.

Please view this chart to help with understanding the TPS EFL options and opportunities.

TPS EFL is good for all foreign students who want to learn English as a Foreign Language. It is ideal for Chinese students. If you prefer to communicate in Chinese, please contact TPS China for information and assistance. Here are instructions in Chinese explaining how to enroll in TPS classes.
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