Wait List - How do Wait Lists work?
Wait Lists provide a way for a student to try to get a preferred class time if the open times are not ideal for his or her schedule. Wait Lists also let us know when we need to open a new section to create more open seats in a course. Students on the Wait List are notified first if a new section opens in the same course, so they have first opportunity to get into the new section.

There is no charge to be on a Wait List, and you may drop a Wait List seat at any time from your family account.

How many Wait List seats can a student hold in a course?

A student may hold one open seat and as many Wait List seats as he prefers in a particular course. If a Wait List seat opens for that student, we will give the student that seat and notify the family to confirm the new seat so we can drop the previously held seat. There is no fee for this switch.

In general, for any course we recommend holding one Open Seat (so it is a Held Seat) that you can make work, and as many Wait List seats as you prefer over the Held Seat.

We assume that any Wait List seat is preferred over the currently Held Seat, so families should take care to drop any Wait List seats they don't want.

What are the chances of getting a Wait List seat?

It completely depends on the class and the time of year.

We do not provide information about how many openings are in a class, how many students are on a wait list, or what wait list "position" a student holds, because this information is not sufficient and is potentially misleading.

If you write admin@pottersschool.org, we will give you an estimate of your chances for a particular class section. Our estimate will be based on our past experience and our expectations of future enrollment, so it will be an estimate not a commitment.

When is a family notified about a Wait List seat opening?

When a Wait List seat opens for a student, we place the student in that seat and notify you immediately by email. However, we can't predict when seats will come open.

A week or so before the class starts, we "resolve" any remaining Wait List seats associated with that class by helping students without seats to find seats in open classes and removing all students from the wait list for that class.
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