Enroll - How do I enroll in a course?
Our enrollment system uses a cart reservation process that allows you to arrange all your preferred classes and check their availability, then enroll in them all with one click. This supports families with multiple students and multiple classes building a complex interconnected schedule. The overall registration and enrollment process is outlined here: www.pottersschool.org/register-and-enroll.
  1. To enroll students in courses, go to the Course List: www.pottersschool.org/courses
  2. If you have not already created your family account, click Register to create your family account and add your students. If you already have a family account, click Login.
  3. If you have not already added your students, click My Students and add them.
  4. Find courses you want to enroll in, using the Grade filter, Category filter, or Keyword filter -- or any combination of filters.
  5. Add each course to your Cart by clicking Add to Cart, making sure to select the Student and Section in the process.
  6. When you eligible and ready to enroll, click My Cart, review your Cart (ensure every listed course has a Student and Section displayed), then click Enroll Now.
  7. Click Enrolled Courses to see all your enrolled seats.
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