Common Core - Does TPS adhere to Common Core?
Common Core is a complex and confused topic. Most of today's Common Core dialog and rhetoric is political rather than academic, which limits the opportunity for understanding and wise educational consideration.

In one sense, Common Core is a set of academic levels of accomplishment which are intended to raise the overall US educational level (the US academic level -- including homeschooling -- is low and not improving among developed countries in many subjects, particularly math and science). TPS exceeds Common Core level standards in all subjects, and so is desirable for US and international students preparing for top Christian and secular US universities, colleges, and academies.

In some subjects, like math and history, Common Core is also a mandated modification to the scope and sequence of the curriculum. Whether these scope and sequence mandates are positive or negative in the long run is debatable, but it is clear that they cannot be wisely implemented all at once by fiat, or scores will fall not rise (which has already happened). TPS does not adhere to the scope and sequence of Common Core (except coincidentally where Common Core happens to match what we were already doing before Common Core).

The real academic situation in the US is that Common Core curriculum overlaps with pre-Common-Core curriculum by a significant amount -- probably 90% or more. This means that many textbooks that carry the Common Core label are basically the same textbook as before the Common Core label was applied (TPS has verified this through discussions with major textbook publishers). This also means that blanket rejection of all things labeled Common Core is also rejection of some great resources that are built on time-proven academic use and evaluation -- i.e., throwing out the baby with the bathwater. On-line courses require a lot of self-study, and so effective textbooks and on-line resources are important for most students to enjoy success through an on-line course. TPS selectively uses some resources that happen to have a Common Core label, but we select based on content, scope and sequence and basically ignore the label.

Currently Common Core has become more of a political debate that clouds the educational considerations. TPS is not tied to any political action group, and focuses only on choosing the best curriculum for each course to support on-line schooling to highest academic standards to prepare students for top US colleges, universities and academies.
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