Syllabus (Portfolio) - How do I print course details for my records?
For academic planning and record-keeping, we provide you a printable view of the course details, including Description and Topics & Objectives.

For current courses:

  1. Use the Course Finder to locate your course.
  2. Select the course on the left side. On the upper right side, select Show Syllabus Only.
  3. Use the Print button (picture of printer) to print this view for your course records. (Note: You may find it handy to "print" directly a PDF document using Cute PDF or any PDF "printer" installed on your computer.)

For past courses you have taken that have changed in our Course List or are no longer offered:

  1. Log in to the Student StudyPlace ( or Parent StudyPlace (
  2. Classes icon.
  3. Select a class.
  4. Overview tab. (There is no Print button, but you can easily copy/paste the information.)
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