Syllabus (Portfolio) - How do I print a description, resources list, and list of topics (syllabus) for a course?
For academic planning and record-keeping, we provide you a customizable printable view of the course Description, Resources, Tuition, and Topics & Objectives.

  1. Use the Course Finder to locate your course.
  2. Select the course on the left side. From the upper right side, you can hide or show the items of interest (Description, Resources, Tuition, Topics & Objectives) by clicking the appropriate button.
  3. Once you have customized the view by hiding items you don't want to print, use the Print button (picture of printer) to print this tailored view you have created. (Note: You may find it handy to "print" directly a PDF document using Cute PDF or any PDF "printer" installed on your computer.)
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