GP6 - Audio Troubleshooting
If you are in a meeting and lose your individual audio, please try each of the following until your audio is restored:
  1. Press the red Reconnect Voice button and wait 15 seconds.
  2. Leave the meeting, close/quit GP6, re-open GP6, and rejoin the meeting.
  3. If you still have trouble, please visit TPS Live Support for further assistance.

To verify or troubleshoot GP6 audio prior to and outside a meeting:
  1. Perform or confirm a Mic Test. The Mic Test must be passed immediately before the Server Test, or the Server Test results will be inconclusive.
  2. If the Mic Test passes, proceed to the Server Test. If the Mic Test fails, perform each of the next steps until the Mic Test passes:
    1. Try different speaker/mic selections from the drop-down.
    2. Check Playback/Record defaults in your operating system.
    3. Try a different headset. (If no other device works, specifically try a USB headset: Plug it in, reboot, verify that it shows up in the operating system playback devices, then select in GP6 Playback device.)
  3. Once the Mic Test passes, then perform a Server Test.
  4. If the Server Test passes, you are ready for class. If the Server Test fails, perform each of the next steps until the Server Test passes:
    1. Quit GP6, restart GP6.
    2. Reboot computer.
    3. Reboot router (and computer).
    4. Try disabling security or parental controls software, as these are common causes of blocked audio.
    5. If using GP6 standalone version, try the Chrome browser version (or vice versa).
    6. Unplug your USB headset then plug it back in.
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