Technical Expectations
This section describes the technical performance a family can expect from our servers and conferencing software, and it discusses technical support requirements.

General. The Potter's School is an education provider. Our tuition and fees pay teachers to provide high-quality curriculum, feedback and evaluation. At not much more than $10 per week, this level of personal service is an outstanding value even without live classes and other hi-tech features. While we do not focus on technology, we do use it to enhance education. To minimize the cost of using advanced technology we take a "99/99" approach to its implementation. By this we mean that more than 99% of our families will have a good conferencing and web site interaction experience over 99% of the time. This also means that due to the vagaries of computers, networks and the internet we expect almost everyone to experience occasional trouble, and it means we regretfully anticipate that a few of our families will experience technological problems requiring them to make changes or repairs to their computer, network or ISP before everything works for them. For us to guarantee technological satisfaction beyond this "99/99" level would increase every family's costs considerably, effectively charging 99% of our families for issues unique to a few families. All that said, we do provide the most advanced technological enhancements and highest-quality technical support you will find in an on-line school. Further details of what you can expect from our technology are provided in the following sections.

Servers and Network. Our servers are professionally hosted and professionally maintained. We operate our own servers for web hosting, conferencing and email, so we maintain our servers secure, our email virus free, and our server content family-friendly.

Conferencing Standards. On a properly configured, fully functioning home computer, students in a live class can expect understandable audio with almost no breaks in the sound. The conferencing system is very stable, but for some families may require occasional reconnects due to local internet or network instability.

Conferencing Software Installation and Operation. We provide the conferencing software at no cost and we charge no support fees. We also require families to install and test the current version of software before they enroll in classes. Over 99% of our families install, configure and operate their software with little or no trouble. Though we provide technical support, we consider individual computer and network technical problems to be the family's responsibility to resolve, and we make no special allowances and provide no reimbursement for class time missed as a result of such problems. For details on what platforms are supported, please go to the conferencing software support page.

Technical Support. Please see the Contact page for support information.
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