GP5 - How do I save, submit, and review GP5 Whiteboard files?
A Whiteboard file is like any other document file on your computer. In this case GP5 is the program that creates it, saves it, opens it, reads it, and edits it. The file extension is ".gwd" (similar to .doc for common word processing files).

To save a GP5 Whiteboard workbook, use the File --> Save As menu above the Whiteboard work area. Give the file a name that will identify its contents to you and your teacher, and remember where you saved the file. (Note that you cannot save whiteboards you are viewing in class -- they are protected files owned by the teacher.)

To submit the Whiteboard (gwd) file, follow the procedure for submitting an assignment to StudyPlace.

To review the Whiteboard (gwd) file when it is returned by the teacher:
  1. Use the download link in the Feedback to Save or Save As the file to your computer. Remember where you save it -- if you don't know, it is usually in your main Downloads or Documents folder.
  2. Open GP5 and go to the Presentation tab.
  3. Use the File --> Open menu to locate and open the file you just saved to your computer.
  4. Note that, depending on your browser and computer setup, you can usually also just Open the returned file directly from the download link, and skip the Save As process entirely.
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