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Assignments: Trying to see (or print) a list of what is due, submit an assignment, take a test, or see feedback? Please follow this short path to assignments for all your classes (and students).

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FAQs: Have you checked our searchable FAQs yet? Most of what people ask is already there.

Our trained support staff can help you with admin questions, tech issues, and class activities -- pretty much anything except help doing your homework. If we can't help you immediately, we can elevate the discussion to a supervisor or engineer who can, without you having to repeat yourself.

Our Live Support hours during the school year (please refer to our school calendar) are currently Monday through Thursday 8 am - midnight U.S. ET and Friday 8 am to 4 pm US ET. These are subject to change, and will usually be modified during the school breaks listed on the school calendar.

To start a Live Support meeting, click the chat bubble on the lower right corner of any page on our site, including your StudyPlace desktop. If we are not available by Live Support, the chat bubble will allow you to leave us a message instead. You may also email us directly at

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