Assignments - How do I submit a file to an Assignment?
  1. Log in to the student page ( (assignments cannot be submitted from the family page).
  2. Click Assignments icon.


  3. Select your Assignment from the list and click the Submit File button. (Note: If you want to submit again (additional file or resubmit) to an Assignment already submitted, see the next step).


    If you want to submit again to an Assignment you’ve already submitted, change the Upcoming menu to All, and use the Local Filter to search for it, then use the Submit File button as explained above.


  4. Click the Select File button, browse to file you want to submit, and then click OK. To submit the file, click the Upload Selected File button.

    • StudyPlace will accept any file type, but your teacher will specify for each assignment what file formats (e.g., doc, pdf, GP6 Doc, ppt, etc.) you may submit for a particular assignment. Please follow assignment directions to receive full credit.
    • For help with Office document formats (doc, ppt) please see these instructions.
    • For help with PDF assignments, please see these instructions.
    • For help with GP6 Documents, please see these instructions.
    • StudyPlace will not accept a file larger than 6 MB. If your file is too large, please visit live support for help to make it smaller.


  5. When your file is finished uploading, a receipt number will appear in StudyPlace. You don’t need to keep this number -- it is a double-check verification that StudyPlace received and stored your file successfully.
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