Commitments - Our commitments to you, and yours to us
This section summarizes our commitments to and expectations of our families. It does not contain any new information, but summarizes information explained elsewhere on this site.

Our Commitments
  • Provide all courses from a biblical worldview. In all classes the Bible will be assumed to be true and authoritative, and all proposed truths will be evaluated against the Bible and empirical evidence, which shall be assumed not to contradict one another.

  • Provide high-quality course content. Unless we state otherwise, families can assume that the scope and sequence of a course is intended as preparation for a rigorous university curriculum.

  • Partner with parents. We work with students to develop their maturity and responsibility, but our primary relationship is with parents. We partner with parents in helping them achieve their educational goals for their children, and we send all official school email to the parent's address that each family maintains updated on its own family account page. Though we respect and support parental authority in education, we establish and enforce the standards of timeliness and academic evaluation in our classes.

  • Provide timely feedback. Families can generally expect email responses within two working days, and exams, essays, or reports to be returned within 1-2 weeks following the original due date (assuming it was submitted on time or early, and in the correct format). For large assignments (e.g., major papers, long lab reports) or during busy periods (e.g., mid-terms, finals) it may take teachers longer to provide feedback, but in all cases our intent is to provide feedback before the next evaluation on the same material or skills. When a teacher anticipates being unable to achieve these standards, he or she will inform affected families.

  • Provide effective feedback on exams, essays, and lab reports. Families can expect feedback that identifies student weaknesses and, where it is not readily apparent, suggests a path to improvement. Our teachers provide assistance outside of class but do not evaluate daily work or perform individual private tutoring. A struggling student who requires regular outside assistance should make arrangements with a family member or a private tutor.

  • In general, provide one 90-minute live session each week for each class section. Our courses are directed independent study programs that feature timely effective feedback and independent evaluation. Each live class session provides a rich opportunity to enhance the learning process, but no single live session is essential to a student's success in a course. We do not provide "make-up" opportunities for missed live classes, regardless of the cause. We also do not provide refunds for occasional missed live sessions. Due to server scheduling constraints, we generally do not schedule make-up sessions or allow students to sit in on a different section to make up a missed class. However, if class is cancelled (or effectively lost) more than twice in a one-semester course or more than three times in a full-year course, we will schedule a make-up session for any subsequent lost or canceled class. The make-up session, which will also be recorded, will be at a time that maximizes the number of students who can participate, but we do not guarantee that all students will be able to make it to any given makeup classes.

  • Maintain our servers and host network to support our web pages and our conferences. Within a reasonable period (generally two weeks), we will try to identify and resolve any technical problems that affect a significant portion of the families. We consider all other problems to be individual problems, which we will assist with as we have opportunity without compromising other commitments.

  • Protect family and student email addresses and related information in a secure manner. We use family and student contact information only for purposes of classes and community within TPS. We do not share or sell address lists or contact information. We do not give contact information for one family or student to another without permission. We send all course-related announcements and feedback to parents and students.

  • Following a reasonable period of resolution, we will cheerfully refund tuition for any course in which we agree that we cannot meet one or more of these commitments. We understand a reasonable period of resolution to generally be within two weeks from when you make us aware of a problem.
Your Commitments
  • Abide by our rules of conduct with regard to school matters and discussions, and treat the Bible as the final authority in evaluating ideas during class discussions and assignments. We do not require enrolled families to adhere to our statement of faith. However, we require all families to honor a biblical worldview approach in each of our classes.

  • Thoroughly review the scope, sequence, and standards of each desired course prior to enrollment. Review intended texts and interview the teacher as necessary, so you can ensure that what your child will be studying supports your educational goals.

  • Notify the teacher of any planned missed class time (e.g., due to conflicting classes, vacation, sports, speech and debate) as far in advance (preferably during registration) as possible. Work ahead rather than planning to "catch up" for a planned missed class. If for any reason a student plans to miss or ends up missing more than three live class sessions in a semester, obtain concurrence from the teacher for the student to continue in the course.

  • Proactively supervise your students' progress in each course. In the spirit of home education, we assume that parents will supervise as necessary all due dates, evaluation results, and other performance issues. If an academic problem develops, we will attempt to notify parents to assist with resolution, but we will generally assume that you are supervising your child's education as necessary to achieve your objectives.

  • Maintain (via the family account page) a valid parent email address that can receive attachments. (We also recommend students have a separate email address for group study and social interaction within TPS, though we still pass all accountable course announcements and feedback to parents, or to both addresses.) Notify the teachers when the family or student email address changes. Agree to receive TPS course and community emails as part of our internal mailing list.

  • Notify the teacher (cc the director) when feedback is not timely enough, so the problem can be resolved. Contact the teacher if you desire more specific feedback or suggestions for improvement from a particular evaluated item. Obtain other outside assistance if regular tutoring becomes necessary.

  • Provide any critical comments or feedback regarding a class or teacher directly to that teacher before anyone else.

  • Maintain your PC, operating system, browser and network (including ISP) to support email (with attachments), the web-based features on our site, and conferencing. Obtain local technical assistance as necessary to resolve any individual technical problems where we cannot assist you.

  • Make your tuition payments before their due dates. To reduce your financial burden, we split your tuition into several scheduled payments, and it is your responsibility to make payments before the deadline dates. Also, unless you obtain our concurrence in advance, we will assess late fees for each course for each payment deadline you miss.

  • Respectfully accept any decision on our part not to refund tuition for a course you drop. We consider your enrollment in a class to be a commitment to us. A withdrawal often creates an unfilled seat that cannot be offered to another student and results in unrecoverable lost income to the instructor. Assuming we have met our stated commitments, we generally do not refund withdrawals apart from circumstances we judge to be extenuating.
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