Documents and Applications - What standard document types and software applications do TPS courses use?
Standard File Formats
Editable documents: .doc
Editable spreadsheets: .xls
Editable presentations: .ppt
Non-editable documents, spreadsheets, or presentations: .pdf
Image format: .jpeg, .png

Standard Programs
Word Processing: OpenOffice (, Microsoft Word 97 - 2010
Spreadsheet Editing: OpenOffice, Microsoft Excel 97 - 2010
Presentation Software: OpenOffice, Microsoft PowerPoint 97 - 2010
PDF Creation: Adobe Acrobat, OpenOffice, Microsoft Word 2007 - 2010
PDF Viewing: Adobe Acrobat Reader (
Drawing Software: Paint (Windows), Paintbrush (Mac) (
Recording software: Hi-Q (

Most courses use some but not all of types of documents and applications, so check with your teachers if you have a question about a specific course.
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