GP6 - Meeting (not for class) - How do I go to a live meeting or seminar that is not for a class?
TPS hosts various events and meetings for students and parents, including seminars, Bible studies, prayer meetings, parent coffee houses, and more. As a registered family or enrolled student, you can easily attend these events. If you do not yet have a family account with TPS, you can get one for free, to get on our mailing list and gain access to seminars, activities, events, trips, and more.

Getting ready to go to your meeting...
  • Make sure you have your TPS username and password (family or student).
  • Make sure the latest GP6 is installed and tested on your computer, or use the Chrome browser GP6.
  • In GP6, use the Login with Username/Password button to switch to the Login view and enter your username and password, using "tps" as the Account/Organization. (Note that GP6 will accept a family username and password or a student username and password, but it will not allow access to student classrooms with family credentials.)

Joining your meeting in a TPS public room (e.g., Auditorium)...
  1. Open GP6.
  2. Find the meeting in the Meetings list, and click Join.

Joining other rooms (i.e., rooms not in the Meetings list...
  1. Make sure you are already logged in to GP6 with your username and password.
  2. Make sure you have the Access Code of the meeting you want to join.
  3. In GP6 at the bottom of the Meetings list, enter the meeting number in the Access Code field, then and click Join Another Meeting.
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