Software Requirements
This section lists the software required for participation in The Potter's School.

Browser. We recommend Google Chrome for StudyPlace and any other TPS web browser applications. Chrome is the most stable, secure, full-featured, fully cross-platform (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android) browser, offering users a consistent experience across all their computers and devices.

Conferencing. The Potter's School uses media rich conferencing software that provides clear audio, presentations from any application, a whiteboard, chat, application sharing, file transfer, and more. We support PC and Mac platforms, and all stable internet speeds above 100 kbps. We do not support satellite, because of its delays and instabilities; however, many satellite users take our courses with minimal problems. We do not support mobile broadband, because of its inherent instabilities; however, mobile broadband users with strong stable signals take our courses with few problems. Prospective families are required to test the conferencing software before enrolling.

Antivirus Utility. We insist that our families run antivirus software on their incoming and outgoing email. To protect the staff and other families, we may block server access to any family who does not run antivirus software.

PDF Reader. We require all families to have the free Adobe Acrobat Reader, or an equivalent application. We sometimes distribute school documents in PDF format.

Office Documents. To minimize compatibility reading and editing compatibility problems between teacher and students across operating systems and word processors, TPS supports only the .doc (Word 97/200/2003/XP) format for editable word processing files. (.docx is becoming more common, but has important editing/reviewing features that are not universally supported. .rtf is older, lacks editing-reviewing features.) To save families from having to buy extra software, TPS supports Libre Office Writer as a word processor that works on Windows and Mac, and produces universally-readable and editable .doc files. (MS Word also works as well, but is not a free program. Open Office also works, but does not support as many file types or features for other purposes.) Students are welcome to use other Office software, but if a student has trouble viewing or editing a document for class, or if a teacher has trouble viewing or editing a submitted document, the student will be required to use Libre Office for TPS to ensure compatibility.
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