Transcripts - Can you help me prepare my homeschool transcript?
We periodically provide seminars on how to prepare your student's transcript. Here is also some helpful guidance.

How do I obtain my child's grades for classes at TPS?
Check your child's grades at each classroom page on StudyPlace. At the end of each semester, print out those grades and keep them in a file. Since you are the principal of your child's school, you are also the record-keeper. Those high school grades will then go on a transcript.

To print your grades from TPS courses, please go here.

How do I prepare a transcript to show my child's high school classes?
One year of a class equals one credit. A one-semester class equals a half-credit. As you list classes your child has taken, either list them according to the year in which the class was taken (freshman year, sophomore year, etc.) or by the type of class (English, Math, etc.). You can find a sample transcript here.

One piece of advice other parents have found helpful: Prepare an Appendix to the transcript that lists the following, year by year: books your child used for every course, community activities (such as orchestras, dance troupes, 4-H, Civil Air Patrol, etc.), volunteer involvement (such as soup kitchens, AWANA, Sunday School assistant, etc.), sports, honors, and more. In other words, show that your child is a well-rounded individual who is actively involved.

What if I used more than one home school program for my childÂ’s high school classes?
Make a space on the transcript that allows for the names and addresses of the different programs. Then indicate which program supplied which classes, perhaps by making a footnote indicating which program for each.

What are the credits my child must take in high school?
Be sure to check your state's requirements for high school graduation. You can begin here.

Also check with the colleges your family is interested in, to verify that you have covered the necessary credits. You can begin that search here.

One credit equals one year of a class (two semesters). One-half credit equals one semester. The typical high school course requirements for the average student in the United States are:

Math: 4 credits
Science: 3 or 4 credits (usually including two lab classes)
English: 4 credits
History/Social Science: 3 credits (usually should include US History and World History, plus one or two more)
Foreign Language: 2 credits
U.S. Government: 1/2 credit (usually in the senior year)
Economics: 1/2 credit (usually in the senior year)
Electives: varies, but many colleges or states want to see some physical education and some arts.

Can I get accredited credit for TPS courses?
Please see this article.

What about classes taken for dual credit at a local college?
Please see this article.

In conclusion, here is another helpful link that gives a point by point description of the elements of a transcript, and it even mentions how to handle college credits on a high school transcript.
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