Highlights and Updates
In 2014-15 we have exciting highlights and new things to offer you, including:
  • Premiere technology
    • GatherPlace conferencing system features the clearest audio, a fully interactive whiteboard, and the most powerful and efficient screen sharing. GatherPlace works well even over low-speed networks and VPN's.
    • StudyPlace learning management system puts more information at your fingertips more efficiently than any other system, and it is the only one that directly supports parents tracking student progress. Features include Grade Reports for all your students and all your classes in one place, always up-to-date and ready for printing; Assignments (coming due and overdue) in one place, sorted by due date and printable; Scores and Feedback for all assignments in one place, sortable and searchable; Messages (class announcements and individual messages) searchable in one place or listed by class.
    • Live Support just a click away from your StudyPlace desktop.
  • Exciting new courses - Including Introduction To Nursing, Honors Life Science, Honors Physical Science, Pre-AP (Honors) Chemistry, Elementary History and Literature, Elementary Science, Bioethics and Family, Constitutional Law, a totally made over Propositional Logic, a new Logic and Argumentation, Analyze This! Essay Writing, Poetry Survey, Fairy Tale, Fantasy and Myth, Accounting, Business Entrepreneurship, Photography: Shoot and Critique, Personal Finance, Hebrew (not just your usual boring dead language class), Worldview in Media; Introduction to Computer Science; Advanced Computer Programming, Graphic Arts: Adobe InDesign, and more.
  • Full grade 4-6 curriculum - Writing, Grammar, Math, Science and Social Studies. Educational and exciting courses for your young learner. More information...
  • Complete Pre-AP and AP Science Track - Honors Life Science, Honors Physical Science, Pre-AP Biology, Pre-AP Chemistry, to prepare students for AP Biology and AP Chemistry coming in 2015-16. More information...
  • Real Math, more instruction - TPS now has three math tracks: (1) Math/Science majors, through AP Calculus; (2) Social Science majors, through AP Statistics; (3) Liberal Arts/Humanities majors, culminating in a college-level Math Survey course. TPS math courses are respected worldwide (well above U.S. standards) for their emphasis on providing a solid foundation in math concepts and problem-solving. We teach not only the deductive side of math (how to apply formulas), but also the inductive side (how to break down, set up, and solve unfamiliar problems), which means that we teach real math and critical thinking skills. Our math courses are offered in two-day formats, to provide the amount of live direct instruction most students need. We also offer some of them in an optional one-day format, for those students who need less direct math instruction and want to spend less time in class. More information...
  • Summer courses for preparation, remediation, and fun - In the summer, your student can take courses that strengthen his skills in literature, composition, and math. He can take a course to help him prepare for the SAT's, or prepare for college. We also offer fun and educational classes that just don't fit into the regular school year. Check out our TPS Summer courses.
  • Comprehensive Classical Program - A classical education is not just Logic, Latin and a series of Literature and History lectures. It should be an integrated comprehensive rigorous approach to all the major disciplines, taught in a highly interactive small-class setting, with abundant feedback and evaluation opportunities. It should also be a mentoring relationship that weaves spiritual and worldview preparation into the academic progression. Our classical program starts Ancient History with Genesis and the Patriarchs, not just the Greeks. It runs through the Present, not just the early 20th century. We tightly weave History, Literature and Rhetoric together, and add strong Worldview, Philosophy, and Culture (art, music, architecture) threads to that weave. Our Year 1 course focuses on American History and Literature, to meet requirements of many U.S. states, and to give us an opportunity to specifically teach critical thinking, study skills, research writing, and other foundational skills at the start of the program. If these are what you want in a classical education, take a look at TPS Classical.
  • Get to college with 24 credits already completed - Would you like to earn 24 college credits in Literature, Composition, and History from Belhaven University for the same courses you use to complete English and History in high school? What if those courses were integrated with a comprehensive biblical worldview curriculum that wove them all together? How about if they were taught by a dedicated team of college professors who were committed not just to teaching, but mentoring their students over two years in a small-class setting? You could add Science, Math and your Foreign Language, and be way ahead when you got to college, in worldview preparation and credits. This would allow your student to take a gap year, finish college early, take a lighter load while working a job in college, or maybe get that minor degree or emphasis he wouldn't be able to fit in otherwise.
  • More Advanced Placement™ courses - Have you tried to find courses that focus on preparing you individually for an Advanced Placement exam without compromising a biblical worldview? Not easy, right? We build our AP-certified courses with both standards in view, and we're pleased to offer more of them each year. Please take a look at our AP-certified courses. More information...
  • Literature and Writing curriculum integrated through college level - We're making the strongest most coherent Writing program even stronger. We are implementing comprehensive changes to all our high school English courses, to teach more writing more deliberately, teach writing at specifically defined levels in every English course, raise the level of literature and media analysis, and integrate analysis and writing more closely. We have introduced new courses like Literature Survey and Composition (the new English 3), and Western Literature Survey 1 and 2 (new sequenced English 4 and 5 options). We have thoroughly redesigned courses like British Literature and American Literature (also new English 4 and 5 options). All of our high school literature courses now analyze not only books, but other related media as well. All of our high school literature courses now not only have a solid essay component, but they also deliberately teach advanced writing skills with specific goals suitable to the level of the course. More information...
  • Coherent History curriculum - We took our many great History courses and rearranged the best portions of them into a coherent track from grade 7 through Grade 12. Students now get in one course per year a comprehensive U.S. and World History education from Creation to the Present. More information...
  • Study Skills - We offer a thorough Study Skills course that addresses the heart (purpose, motive, attitude) mind as well as the mind (focus, time management, how to study each subject). More information...
  • Research Essay Writing - This course may be more aptly titled Research Methods, Analysis, and Persuasive Writing, because it thoroughly covers the research, analysis and writing process from start to finish.
  • Complete Foreign Language courses - Learning a language is not just a vocabulary and conversation DVD with some writing tacked on. Nor is it just listening and writing without really being able to get comfortable speaking. A good foreign language course is conversation, vocabulary, grammar, and writing, integrated together. This is what you get with TPS foreign languages courses. We give you more live instruction, interaction, and feedback, in all aspects of the language. Most of our language courses (e.g., Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Arabic) are two days of class per week, to help students gain competence and proficiency more quickly than typical high school courses in non-western languages, and all of our other spoken language courses offer an optional second session each week to focus on conversation skills.
  • Academic English as Foreign Language - Do you want to prepare to earn your high school or college degree at an English-speaking high school or university, but English is not your primary academic language? The Potter's School has years of experience teaching academic English to students who have conversational English but for whom English is not their primary academic language, preparing them to excel in high school and college programs taught in English. Our Academic English as Foreign Language (AEFL) series is the only one of its kind in the world, designed to help foreign students become proficient in writing good western-style essays in academically strong English.
  • Digital Graphics Art - Taught by a professional graphics artist, all of our Art classes involve group teaching and discussion, and plenty of individual training and evaluation.
  • Logos Bible studies - We've added the first courses in a series of low-workload low-cost interactive Bible studies that combine an in-depth academic approach with a life-changing devotional emphasis. These courses are ideal for the busy high school student who wants to get a stronger Bible study foundation in high school.
  • Recommended Reading - Catch up on our recommended articles, to stay knowledgeable about issues, trends and opportunities in the integration of faith, family, and scholarship. We add to these and replace them out periodically.
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