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The mission of The Potter's School (or "TPS," as we are commonly known) is: Scholarship and Discipleship integrated in the pursuit of Excellence through Grace. TPS has been serving since 1997. We were the first full-curriculum on-line grade school in the world.

We promote excellence in academic scholarship from a biblical worldview, and excellence in discipleship toward godly character and wisdom, as an integrated grace-based process. With regard to Scholarship, since God is Truth, all academic learning is a study of God and the outworking of His Logos. With regard to Discipleship, teaching and parenting are related roles that influence a student's whole heart (intellect, emotion, will). With regard to Excellence, the grace of the cross makes continual pursuit of God's designed good for us in all endeavors a joyful realization of who we already are and are becoming, not a frustrating effort to earn something from man or God.

TPS was the first and remains the most rigorous and thorough on-line school, emphasizing dynamic interactive classes and timely effective individual feedback. In a confused market of distance learning options, we have stayed consistently in the front because we keep our focus on content, standards, and character, pursuing "excellence through grace" in all of these areas together.
Why TPS?
Why choose TPS over the myriad of other options? TPS is for students with high academic standards seeking an education that also strengthens their character and faith. TPS is not for everyone, but we are the only one that offers all of these features together, so if these are what you're looking for, then you have come to the right place.
  • Live instruction every week (with the actual teacher, in an interactive audio-visual class).
  • Frequent in-depth individual feedback and evaluation (regular significant papers and exams, not just "participation" plus a few loosely evaluated forum posts, papers or automated quizzes).
  • Comprehensive academic scholarship combined with a conservative biblical worldview (without compromising either one).
  • College-preparation objective-driven course content and standards, integrated into a coherent curriculum for each subject (we prepare you for upper-tier universities, secular or Christian).
  • Complete curriculum for late elementary through early college (and you can take any classes a la carte).
  • Start college in high school without paying college tuition rates (we offer many AP-certified courses and college-credit courses).
  • Writing instruction and evaluation through early college level (we systematically teach good writing, even in late high school and college courses).
  • Math instruction and evaluation to top international standards (U.S. high school math education standards are generally lower than in leading countries in Europe and Asia).
  • Grade Reports, diplomas (honors and standard) and accredited transcripts available, but optional (you don't pay for things you don't need).
  • Parents can easily monitor assignments, grades, and feedback for all students in the family, with just a couple clicks of the mouse (even from your tablet on-the-go).

"...your online courses are much more effective and engaging than any dual enrollment or online courses they have taken through ____ [two highly-respected universities with popular on-line programs]."

"Our family's experience with TPS over the course of our homeschooling has been exceptional. Our kids have loved all their instructors and reaped such blessings and much-needed skills both academically and spiritually. Our schooling would not have been what it was without TPS. We have nothing but great things to share with other homeschool families about The Potter's School."

"Our son received a four-year scholarship which includes tuition, room, and board. Much of the credit goes to TPS and the wonderful teachers."

"Our student has been named a National Merit Finalist. We credit much of this to TPS's rigorous but biblically-based education."

Get to know us better
Interested by what you have read so far? Get to know us a bit better. Read our Mission Overview and Statement of Faith to get the big picture of who we are and what we offer your family and your students. Then get a feel for how a course is conducted by reading our Course Format page.
Take a look at our great courses
We are excited about the great courses we offer your family! If you haven't been there yet, please take some time to look over our courses and curriculum. Do you need help picking courses or planning your curriculum? Our academic staff members have years of diverse experience homeschooling their kids to top performance in top universities, and we are here to help TPS families with curriculum planning.
Integrate faith, family, education and service
Once you're part of TPS, there are many more opportunities open to you, such as overseas trips, group events, family camps, and more. Check out the Jericho International Honor Society, a true "honor" society where academic excellence is a prerequisite and the focus is on service and character development. We also have a Student Center, group study rooms, a student-run ezine (The Cracked Pot), student blogs, discussion forums, and more.
Check out our news, articles and ezine -- and Like us
Our TPS News site has a lot of great articles on education, preparing for college, parenting. We also have a great student-run ezine. If you want to stay in the loop with key announcements and dates, including enrollment information, please subscribe to our newsletter updates (by creating a family account if you don't already have one), or Like our TPS Facebook page.
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