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Communication Commitment: TPS staff and teachers are committed to communicating directly and forthrightly, with kindness and respect, regardless of the mode of communication and regardless of how we are treated. If we ever miss that mark, let us know and we will make it right. In keeping with this commitment, we do not work with families or students who do not maintain forthrightness, kindness and respect in all their communications.

Frequently Asked Questions

We provide you prompt expert assistance and support. Most questions are answered in our searchable Frequently Asked Questions. For routine admin or tech questions, please check there first.

Live Support

For all academic, admin or tech questions, the best way to get help is the chat bubble at the bottom of any page on our site. When Live Support is unavailable, you will be given an email option. Please note that we do not offer support by phone, except for Academic Support discussions (curriculum planning, college preparation, course selection), by appointment.

Course Selection and Academic Planning

Do you want to discuss TPS course selection, curriculum planning, or college preparation? The best way to get your questions answered real-time is to visit TPS Live Support. We will answer your questions there, and also refer you to an Academic Advisor (phone or skype appointment) from there if needed.

Feedback and Suggestions for Improvement

We regularly review our own classes, in a process of continual improvement. We value constructive specific feedback, both positive and critical. Please send your praises and your suggestions for improvement to

Specific Concerns with a Class or Teacher

If you have specific concerns with a class or teacher for a course you are taking:
  1. Contact the teacher to discuss the specifics of your concern. You are welcome to CC us at, so we may be aware of your concerns and track their resolution. Our teachers may inform us as well.
  2. If direct and specific interaction with the teacher does not resolve your concern, please send a written request to for assistance with resolution. Please carefully detail your concerns in this request. We desire it in writing because written communication is more accountable for all parties: words can be chosen more carefully, specific examples can be detailed more precisely, and records can be kept for review.
  3. If needed, we may set up a call or conference to work out final resolution of the concerns.

Sending Checks or Cookies

We generally do not work with snail mail, so please do not send it -- send email instead. Unless, of course, it is cookies -- we work with those. :)

Please do not send checks with a signature requirement, as the mailbox is too small for anyone to live inside it waiting to sign for deliveries. Deliveries requiring signature are likely to be returned to you (after a long delay at the post office).

To pay your tuition by check, please pay by eCheck.

To pay for trips and events, or to donate to TPS (specific service trips, tuition assistance, or general donations), please send paper checks to:

The Potter's School
8279 Raindrop Way
Springfield, VA 22153

Please do not send paper tuition checks or other snail mail correspondence, and please do not include other correspondence with your checks. We do not process paper correspondence or faxes.
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