GP7 - How do I play a recorded class?
Scheduled class recordings are found in your GP7 (not in StudyPlace). To view a class recording in GP7:
  1. Open GP7 in Chrome or Firefox:

  2. Locate the class in the Meeting Rooms list.
  3. Press the Recordings button (left side next to the room number) associated with the Meeting Room. This opens a list of recordings made in that room.
  4. Select the recording you want to play (you can sort by date or any of the fields).
  5. Press the Play button for the recording.

If your teacher posts a recording for a make-up class, or from a different class section, or any other special recording, there will be a message with a link in your StudyPlace Class Messages:

  1. Log in to the Student StudyPlace ( or Parent StudyPlace (
  2. Classes icon.
  3. Select a class on the left side.
  4. Messages tab.
  5. Locate the class message that applies to this recording.
  6. Play the recording by pasting the link into the browser tab (Chrome or Firefox preferred).
  7. Note: When you log into StudyPlace, your Messages window will open. Your message is probably there among the recent unread messages, and you can get to it that way more quickly if you don't want to go through the Classes view.

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