Grades and Feedback - How do I view (and print) grades and review feedback?
TPS provides an accurate up-to-date Running Grade that is available anytime for every course in progress. This Running Grade can be used as a semester grade in a full-year course by printing the Grade Report at the end of the semester. It can be used as a quarter grade in a semester course by printing the Grade Report at the end of the quarter.

To provide better granularity in assessing student performance in each area, TPS uses a standard weighted average grading system (see below for math-based explanation). StudyPlace performs this calculation continually to provide the Running Grade, and uses it to calculate the Final Grade. StudyPlace also provides the grade categories and weights for every course, to help students and parents to analyze their own grades by category.

To see all the grades for a course, how the grade categories are weighted, and a running cumulative grade for the course:

  1. Log in to the Student StudyPlace ( or Parent StudyPlace (
  2. Grades icon.
  3. Select a class on the left side.
  4. Grades tab.
  5. To see detailed feedback for each grade, select the graded item and click Details and Feedback at the bottom of the window.
  6. To print a Grade Report, use the Print button on the Grades tab, and then your browser's print function. (Note that some use their system's "print as PDF" to generate a PDF document from this report.)



Weighted Average Grade Calculation

This math-based explanation is provided for students and parents who want to see how weighted average grades are calculated, or who want to calculate their own weighted average grade. This is a standard weighted average calculation, not unique to TPS or StudyPlace.

For example, to calculate a First Semester grade from a Running Grade report, first make sure that all assignments for that semester have been graded (usually within a week after the end of the semester). Then for all the First Semester grade categories, calculate:

(Category 1 Weight x Category 1 Grade + Category 2 Weight x Category 2 Grade + ...) / (Category 1 Weight + Category 2 Weight + ...)

The result is a First Semester weighted average grade.

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