Ready for Class? TPS classes start Aug 24!
Welcome! TPS Full Year 2020-21 and Fall 2020 classes start the week of Aug 24. This guide provides all the information you need to get ready for the first day of class.

Going to Class

You don't have any assignments or working ahead you need to do before your first class. All you must do is make sure you're ready to attend your first live class meeting. TPS provides a fully interactive classroom to students worldwide, even in remote locations with limited connectivity. We do this through our GatherPlace (GP7) classroom software. Preparing for and getting to class is easy -- here are the directions:

We encourage you to setup and test your classroom access well before your class time, and leave yourself enough time to visit our live Support if you have a question or problem.

Getting Help

When classes are in session, we offer live support from 6 am to midnight ET Monday through Thursday and 8 am to 6 pm ET Friday. Use the chat bubble in the lower right of every page on our web sites to get help. Please note that TPS Support is usually available immediately with no waiting queue. However, during the first week of classes it may be busier with a waiting queue and longer wait times. We recommend you test your classroom access and resolve any questions or issues well before your first class.

Class Recordings

TPS courses are specifically designed to be taken live and interactively. We require students to pay attention, participate, and take notes in class. Live participation is required in all classes, but we also record our classes in case a student misses one occasionally.

Students - Messages, Assignments, Feedback, and Grades

TPS uses a powerful course content, assignment management, and grade-keeping program called StudyPlace. You do not have any assignments or working ahead required before your first live class meeting. In your initial class meeting, each of your teachers will explain the course, including walking you through:
  • Messages (how your teachers give you important information)
  • Class Pages (where to find things, including the in-class agenda)
  • Assignments (due dates, how to find and submit assignments, how to take polls and tests)
  • Teacher Office (how to get there)
  • Recordings (how to find them in StudyPlace)
  • Practice Rooms (if you use them)

New to TPS?

For students new to TPS, here some important things to remember:

• Login with your own student credentials (not your family or siblings). Students must log into GP7 and StudyPlace with their student username and password, not the credentials of the family account or a sibling's login. Some important features work only through the student accounts. Student username and password guidance is here:

StudyPlace student login page is here: (students should bookmark this exact link)

• Check and manage your messages regularly. All class information is found in the StudyPlace Messages and on the Class Meeting Pages. Your teachers will show you Messages on your first day of class. Teachers do not send emails with routine class information. Messages pop open for you when you log into StudyPlace, and you can easily manage them (mark as read, hide, search, etc.). For more information on Class Messages, see:

• Manage your assignment due dates. Your teachers will walk you through Assignments on your first day of class. More information on Assignments is here:

• Track your grades and review your feedback. Your teachers will show you how to see Grades and Feedback after you have some graded work. More information on Grades and Feedback is here:

Parents - Easy Access to Assignments and Grades

Parents are sent two weekly reports by email for each student -- one for upcoming and overdue assignments and another for all grades posted in the past week. You may also regularly check on your students' Assignments and Grades in just a couple clicks from your parent StudyPlace desktop: (parents bookmark this exact link)

Note that you can track the Assignments and Grades for all of your students and assignments through this one parent page.

Parents, if you would like an "orientation" to StudyPlace (where you can see assignments, grades and feedback), please stop by live Support and ask for this (wait until week 2 or after so you have something to look at and to avoid waiting in a line).

We look forward to seeing you in class!

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