Ready for Classes - Essential Information for TPS Students
Welcome! TPS 2022-23 Full Year and Fall Term classes start the week of Aug 22. This guide provides all the information you need to get ready for the first day of class. Classrooms are not accessible until approximately one week before the start of the course, and StudyPlace courses are not fully accessible until a few days before the start of the course.

Going to Class

You don't have any assignments or working ahead you need to do before your first class. All you must do is make sure you're ready to attend your first live class meeting. TPS provides a fully interactive classroom to students worldwide, even in remote locations with limited connectivity. We do this through our GatherPlace (GP7) classroom software. Preparing for and getting to class is easy -- here are the directions:

We encourage you to setup and test your classroom access well before your class time, and leave yourself enough time to visit our live Support if you have a question or problem.

Course Content

Your GatherPlace (GP7) credentials are also the ones you will use to access StudyPlace, the learning management system with your course content. You have no need to access StudyPlace prior to the first day of class. On class day one, your teacher will help you get to StudyPlace and orient you to your course's content and processes. In case you do log in too early, please remember that prior to the start of class the visible content in student StudyPlace is not updated because the course build and update work goes on in the back end where you cannot see it. We open the front end shortly before the start of classes only for our own internal testing and training, and we respectfully request that you enjoy the last days of your break away from StudyPlace while allowing us to get ready for your first day of class.

Classroom Sharing and Prayer

TPS is a non-denominational Christian school. The first 10 minutes of most classes is allowed for general fellowship, sharing, and teacher prayer in the Christian faith tradition (there is no direct Bible teaching, homily, or formal devotional). Student participation is optional, but must be respectful and not disruptive. Students who prefer may also quietly leave for this period.

eTexts and Online Courseware

If your course includes access to an eText or online courseware which is provided by TPS, information for accessing these items will be provided to you in the first week of class in a class message in your student StudyPlace. It is not available sooner and it is found only in the student StudyPlace. Your teacher will provide you more information on the first day of class.

Getting Help

When classes are in session, we offer live support from 6 am to midnight ET Monday through Thursday and 8 am to 6 pm ET Friday. (Summer support hours are 6 am to 3 pm ET Monday through Thursday with no live support on Fridays.) Please note that TPS Support is usually available immediately with no waiting queue. However, during the first week of classes it may be busier with a waiting queue and longer wait times. We recommend you test your classroom access and resolve any questions or issues well before your first class.

Class Recordings

TPS courses are specifically designed to be taken live and interactively. We require students to pay attention, participate, and take notes in class. Live participation is required in all classes, but we also record our classes in case a student misses one occasionally. (Summer classes allow relaxed attendance and participation by recording.)

Students - Messages, Assignments, Feedback, and Grades

TPS uses a powerful course content, assignment management, and grade-keeping program called StudyPlace. Your StudyPlace courses become available (visible) to you a few days before the start of the course. You do not have any assignments or working ahead required before your first live class meeting.

In your first class meeting for each course, your teacher will walk you through the specific course in StudyPlace. To learn how to use StudyPlace in general to manage all your courses, please view this video (you may want to wait until the first week of the course so you can follow along with the video by viewing your own course).


For students, here are some other important things to remember:

• Login with your own student credentials (not your family or siblings). Students must log into GP7 and StudyPlace with their student username and password, not the credentials of the family account or a sibling's login. Some important features work only through the student accounts. Student username and password guidance is here:

StudyPlace student login page is here: (students should bookmark this exact link)

• Check and manage your messages regularly. All class information is found in the StudyPlace Messages and on the Class Meeting Pages. Your teachers will show you Messages on your first day of class. Teachers do not send emails with routine class information. Messages pop open for you when you log into StudyPlace, and you can easily manage them (mark as read, hide, search, etc.). For more information on Class Messages, see:

• Manage your assignment due dates. Your teachers will walk you through Assignments on your first day of class. More information on Assignments is here:

• Track your grades and review your feedback. Your teachers will show you how to see Grades and Feedback after you have some graded work. More information on Grades and Feedback is here:

Parents - Essential Information

Here is a list of the essential things every TPS parent should know to help students be successful in TPS:

We look forward to seeing you in class!

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