Assignments - How do I submit my assignment as a GP6 Document?
  1. You must remain connected to the internet to work on GP6 Documents. (If you get disconnected, you won't lose any work done while you were connected, but you will be unable to continue working.)
    • GP6 Documents are stored in the cloud, not on your local computer. All work is saved as you do it, so do not save or "lock" your work until you are ready to submit it.
    • GP6 Documents cannot be printed. You must use a pen tablet (recommended) or mouse to mark them up.
  2. Before starting this procedure, make sure that GP6 is logged in as the student who is submitting the assignment. (If GP6 is not logged in or is logged in as a different user when you open and mark up the GP6 Document assignment, the assigned user will not be able to access or submit the document.)
  3. Open the GP6 Document provided by your teacher by clicking on the appropriate link in the assignment. The GP6 link opens the GP6 Document in the standalone GP6 application, and functions only if the standalone GP6 application is installed on that computer. The Chrome GP6 is available only if you are using the Chrome browser, and opens the GP6 Document in the Chrome browser GP6. (If the assignment calls for it, you can also create a GP6 Document of your own and submit it.)
  4. Select a slide in the Slide Reel (left side). (Do not add slides, delete slides, or rearrange slides.)
  5. Activate the Annotation tools (upper left).
  6. Add annotation to the slide. (Note that the slide thumbnail in the Slide Reel turns yellow, to remind you that there is unsaved annotation on that slide.)
  7. To "save" annotation on a slide, use the Flatten Annotation button (do not use the Save As New Annotated Slide button) in the Annotation tools (any annotation that is not flattened will be lost if you close GP6). The yellow color on the slide thumbnail in the Slide Reel should clear once you flatten that slide's annotation.
  8. If the assignment instructions permit it, you may take a break and complete the assignment later. Prior to stopping work, you should flatten any annotation you don't want to lose. It is not necessary to save or "lock" the GP6 Document Version until you are ready to submit it (your flattened work won't be lost).
  9. It is not necessary to make copies of this GP6 Document Version. Making a copy generates a new GP6 Document that you won't need.
  10. You must save or "lock" this GP6 Document Version (the set of slides you just marked up) before it can be submitted to a StudyPlace assignment. Save this current version using the Save button (upper left disc icon). After clicking the Save button, give your document version a name you will remember and click the Lock button.
  11. In StudyPlace, submit the assignment (your locked visible GP6 Document Versions will be available in a drop-down you can select when you submit the assignment).
  12. After submitting the assignment, do not delete the submitted locked version. (After the assignment has been returned and you have reviewed the teacher feedback, you may Hide the document.)
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