Placement Approval - How do I submit placement tests and documents?
Use this procedure to:

  • Submit or verify placement documents for a student in a course.
  • View approval status for a student in a course.
  • Read teacher placement notes for a student in a course.

The student must be enrolled in the course to submit placement documents for that course.

  1. Go to your Family Account Enrolled Courses:
  2. Select any seat. (Note: If you do not click on a seat, the Upload Document button will not activate.)
  3. Below the list of enrolled seats is a Placement Documents window. Use the Upload Document button to submit a document. (You may submit as many documents as are needed. If you submit a replacement document, please add a note to the document itself that it is intended to replace a prior document because you may not delete documents once submitted.)
  4. Submitted documents are listed in the Placement Documents window as a record of submission, and may be downloaded for verification of what was submitted.
  5. Once a student is approved or disapproved for a course, the approval status will be shown in the upper window in the Approval field for each seat. Note that every seat in the same course for the same student will show the same status.
  6. If a student is disapproved for a course, selecting any seat in that course for that student will show a brief explanation in the Placement Messages view. Since disapproved seats are eventually dropped, this information will be available only briefly. However, it is also provided by email and remains available in your StudyPlace Messages.

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