GP7 - How do I open a presentation document created by another user (e.g., assignment or Breakout Room)?
For the creator or owner of the original presentation document:

  1. Click the Share button for that document in the GP7 Library.
  2. Send the copied web link to another GP7 user.

For the recipient of the GP7 presentation document link:

  1. Make sure the browser is logged into GP7.
  2. Open the link (Chrome preferred, Firefox acceptable) or paste it to a new browser tab. Opening the GP7 presentation document from the link will also create a copy of the entire presentation as a new presentation document in the GP7 Library of the teacher or student who opened the link. (Note that each time you open the link to another user's GP7 presentation document, it creates a new copy in your GP7 Library. Open the external document link only one time, then use your own copy after that.)

From inside a Breakout Room:

  1. Click Become Presenter.
  2. Click to Open a GP7 Document in the list of Breakout Room Docs.
  3. Mark up slides, and then save a copy of each slide that you marked up. (On the upper left of the annotation toolbar, hover over the floppy disc button and select the Copy button that pops out. This creates a new copy of the slide, with the markups flattened on the new copy. The original copy will still be marked up, but those "edits" will be lost when you change presenters or leave the room. The copy slides will be retained.)
  4. Other students can Become Presenter, mark up slides and save slide copies.
  5. The final Presenter will be prompted to save all edits before leaving the Breakout Room. This is not necessary as long as all edited slides have been copied as described in the previous step.
  6. Back in the main room, the teacher will be able to open the GP7 Document from your Breakout Room and show all the copied slides with saved mark-up.

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