GP7 - How do I go to my teacher's office or a class practice room?
Teacher Offices and class Practice Rooms are accessible from the Overview tab of your Class Pages:

Getting ready to go to your meeting...
  • Make sure you have your TPS student username and password.
  • Make sure the latest GP7 is installed and tested on your computer, or use the Chrome browser GP7.
  • In GP7, use the Login with Username/Password button to switch to the Login view and enter your username and password, using "tps" as the Account/Organization.

Joining your meeting in a teacher office or class practice room...
  1. Make sure you are already logged in to GP7 with your TPS student username and password (see above).
  2. Log into your student StudyPlace.
  3. Click Classes icon.
  4. Select the class associated with the teacher office or practice room.
  5. Select the Overview tab.
  6. From the list on the right side of the Overview tab, select the meeting room, then click Join Meeting.
  7. A new browser tab or page should open with instructions and links for joining the meeting in various ways. If a new page or tab does not open, please configure your browser settings to allow browser popups from
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