Teaching Opportunities
Would you like to teach with The Potter's School? We are always seeking qualified teachers. What do we mean by "qualified"? We do not require formal certification. However, we do require:

  • Strong Christian faith and clear Christian testimony. All teachers must sign our statement of faith.
  • Actively involved in a local church and spiritually accountable to that church's leadership.
  • Gifted to teach.
  • Expert in the subject matter (expertise gained through study, experience or a combination of the two).
  • Heart for discipleship. We understand academics to be a subset of the greater process of biblical labor, in which we are to do all things in excellence as unto the Lord. We also understand labor (and therefore academics) as being a primary crucible in which the student's character is being forged. Therefore, our teachers must be mentors focused first on discipleship.

Does this sound like you? If so, please provide the following (in .doc, .docx, or pdf format) to Teach@pottersschool.org:

  • Brief Christian testimony and discussion of how you became a Christian, your current walk with Christ, and your current relationship with and involvement in your local church. (Please make this a separate document, and please do not submit other information without it.)
  • List of courses for which you would like to be considered to teach. They can be either courses we already offer, or ones we don't yet offer. If we don't offer it, please include a brief description of the courses you would like us to consider.
  • Brief explanation of your background (education, training, experience) as it pertains to the courses you listed above.
  • Please give us a sense of the minimum income you are seeking (we pay a predetermined rate per student, so this figure is only to help us assess if we have enough work to offer, not for negotiation purposes).
  • Please let us know your time zone and which days per week you can consider regularly teaching a class between 8 am and 3 pm US ET?
  • We may later ask you for recommendations, from your church leadership or others.

The Potter's School teachers are a mutually supportive team. Each one is also an independent contractor for whom teaching is a ministry and a business. We pay our teachers in a manner well worthy of their labor, and our teachers enjoy considerable freedom and flexibility. However, our teachers work hard providing top quality courses and timely effective feedback that have become our hallmarks.

We have a low teacher turnover but a healthy growth process, so core course teaching opportunities open fairly regularly but usually start part-time. We concentrate on staffing the next school year in January and February, but we welcome applications anytime. We are always interested in discussing courses we don't currently offer. Courses of particular interest to us right now include:

  • AP courses, including AP Environmental Science, AP Human Geography, AP Comparative Government and Politics
  • CLEP preparation courses
  • Japanese, and other languages we don't already list
  • History specialty courses
  • Physical Education
  • Medical, including Kinesiology, Sports Medicine
  • Astronomy
  • Electronics
  • Animal or Veterinary Science
  • Fashion History and Design
  • Theater Arts courses
  • We'll consider any course pitched with passion and expertise. :)

If you're ready to teach with us, please let us know!
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