Meeting (not for class) - How do I go to a live meeting or seminar that is not for a class?
TPS hosts various events and meetings for students and parents, including academic advising meetings, seminars, trip or event meetings, and more. As a registered family or enrolled student, you can easily attend these meetings. If you do not yet have a family account with TPS, you can get one for free, to get on our mailing list and gain access to seminars, activities, events, trips, and more.

Logging into GP7 for the first time...

This is usually needed only one time, as GP7 will remember its last login the next time you open it. However, you will also need this if you want to change GP7 users on the same computer, or if your GP7 gets logged out for any reason
  1. Use the Chrome or Firefox browser on a Windows, Mac or Chromebook. Other configurations can work but provide a reduced quality user experience and are not supported. Follow the GP7 Installation and Setup procedure to setup and test the classroom software on your computer(s).
  2. Open GP7 in Chrome or Firefox:

  3. Click the I have an Account: Login link.
  4. Enter your TPS username and password and click Login.

Going to your meeting...

The meeting organizer should have provided you a link. Click the link and you will end up in your meeting. If you are asked to login, follow the procedure above and then click the meeting link again to join your meeting.

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