Knowledge Base » [240223] GP5 Guest App for iPads
Product or Service: GatherPlace
Client Software: GP5
User Type: Guest
GP5 by GatherWorks is a free mobile app for guests of GatherPlace web conferencing subscribers. The app will allow guests to join a meeting using their Apple iPad. It offers integrated VoIP audio with shared screen content.

Guest Features:
  • Free iPad app download
  • Join a meeting on iPad with access code provided by host
  • Integrated VoIP audio and shared screen content using wifi or 3G/4G (For optimal audio use a headset plugged into your iPad)
  • View participant list
  • Private chat with host and public chat with participants
  • Full screen meeting view
Note:The iPad app does not yet support the playback of recorded meetings.

In order for guests to use the app, the host must meet the following requirements:
  • Meeting hosts must be GatherPlace subscribers with an active account
  • GP5 installed on Mac or Windows computer or laptop

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