Knowledge Base » [272785] Does GatherPlace support custom cursors?
Product or Service: GatherPlace, TutorPlace
Client Software: GP3, GP4, GP5
User Type: Host, Administrator
Currently GatherPlace supports the 17 standard cursor types and associated images supplied as part of the Windows operating system. While these do not include any custom cursors or application specific cursors, it does ensure the best user experience.

In order for the guests to see the different standard cursors, such as the 'wait' hourglass, the double-headed re-size arrow, etc, the presenter* must be on a Windows computer and connected to the meeting using either GatherPlace version 3 (GP3), GP4 or GP5. Under these conditions, all guests will see any standard cursor images as they change during a presentation. However, if the presenter's cursor changes to a non-standard cursor during the presentation the guests will see the default arrow cursor in it's place.

Note: The term 'Presenter' refers to the person who's screen is currently visible to everyone else in the meeting. This includes guests who have been made a presenter by the meeting host and also guests who are being provided with remote support/control where the host is controlling the remote computer.

Hosts or guests can download GP4 for free by clicking a link below:

Host version (GatherPlace account required)
Guest version

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