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Product or Service: GatherPlace, SupportPlace, TutorPlace
Client Software: Java
User Type: Host, Administrator
While most GatherPlace hosts use a GatherPlace application to host meetings, there may be occasions where the host will need to use the Java version of GatherPlace to host a meeting. The Java version of GatherPlace is available to anyone that has Internet access and a Java enabled web browser running Java 1.3 or greater.

To test your web browser for Java please use the GatherPlace Java test page at:
The latest version of Java can be downloaded for free at the Java/Sun website at:
In order to host a GatherPlace meeting using Java, please follow the steps below.

  1. Go to the GatherPlace website at:

  2. Click the Host a Session button (you may be prompted to log in if you are not already logged in).


  3. Click the Use Java link/graphic.


  4. Select a meeting from the drop-down menu and click the Host this Planned Session button.


Keywords: Java, host, web, browser

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