Knowledge Base » [709503] GP5: How do I create a new room and access code?
Product or Service: GatherPlace
Client Software: GP5
User Type: Host
Every room you create will be associated with a unique access code. You can create as many rooms as you like and you can reuse rooms as often as you like. To learn more about access codes, click here.

Follow these steps to create a new room:
  • Click the "Rooms" button.

  • Click the "+" icon in the top right hand corner of the window.

  • Enter a name for the room and click OK.

  • A dialog box will appear informing you that you are being directed to the Room Info page for the new room so that you can adjust the room's settings. Click OK.

  • Adjust your room's audio and guest settings by clicking the icons to add or remove the red X. An X over the icon will disable the settings.


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