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Product or Service: GatherPlace
Client Software: GP5
User Type: Host, Guest
If the GatherPlace teleconference phone numbers are indicating that you are not using a valid access code, and you know that you are using the correct code, the issue could be caused by one of two things: The room is not configured for audio via telephones or the meeting is out of sync between servers. Try the trouble shooting measures below.

Configure Room for Telephones
  1. Disconnect the screen sharing connection to the GP5 meeting by clicking the "Leave" button on the GP5 interface
  2. Go to the "Room Info" tab and check that the meeting is configured for "Telephones" (There should not be a red X over the "Telephone" option.)
  3. If "Telephones" is not already enabled, enable it by clicking the icon to remove the X
  4. Then Join the meeting and try the teleconference number again.
  5. If the room was already configured for "Telephones," then it may be out of sync between servers. See below.

Restore Server Sync Problem
  1. Join the GP5 meeting
  2. Click the "Leave" button
  3. Click "Leave and End"
  4. Then Join the meting and try the teleconference number again

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