Messages - How do I manage my Messages?
Managing Messages

Group communication within a class, including teacher announcements, alerts, assignments, feedback, and grades, are posted as Messages within StudyPlace. Students regularly login to StudyPlace, and these Messages pop up for them immediately when they log in. These messages may be sent as email if they are urgent or intended for parents. Regular Message processing helps ensure you will never miss anything important, including important updates.

Messages are automatically opened when you log into StudyPlace, so you will quickly see Announcements and Messages.
  • Unread Messages are indicated by a red counter on the upper left. Click the counter to read Messages.
  • Messages are arranged with Unread Messages on top sorted by date, then Read Messages below sorted by date. A Read Message can be marked Unread, and an Unread Message can be marked Read.
  • Messages that a teacher considers to be "Urgent" will be marked in red in your Message list.
  • Messages can also be Hidden after you no longer need them in view, and Hidden Messages can be made Visible again.
  • If a Message is updated after you have marked it as Read or Hidden it, the updated Message will become Visible and Unread again, so you don't miss the update.
  • Both Visible and Hidden Messages can be searched.
  • Family and student accounts can choose to show All Messages, Announcements Only, class Feedback Only, or Student Notes Only, in both Visible and Hidden Messages.

We recommend that you process Messages regularly, marking as Read the ones you still want to keep in view but don't need on top, and hiding those you no longer need in view at all. This way new Messages will be on top for you when you log in, and Messages you no longer need in view will be out of your way where you can still get to them later if you need to.

If you "Mark as Read" or, better yet, "Mark as Read and Hide" your Messages regularly, then anytime a Message is updated that Message will become Unread and Visible, with a special icon that indicates there is new content.

If you "reply" to a Message it will offer to open up a new email in your default email program (whatever you have set up in your computer) and assign the right To addressee and Subject. From there you work with it like any other transactional email.

Students should check their Messages when they log in for class or assignments. Parents should check their Messages often as needed in overseeing their children's classes, which will vary depending on the ages of the students and the level of the courses.

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