Assignments - How do I submit my assignment as a PDF file?
If your teacher gives you a PDF document as an assignment, you can mark it up on your computer in PDF format. You can also print it, mark it up on paper, and scan it back to PDF to submit it.

If your teacher accepts PDF assignments, then you can do any assignment on paper and camera-scan it to PDF and submit it (please check with your teacher to make sure he or she accepts PDF assignments).

Detailed instructions for these actions are below.

Option 1: Mark-up a PDF on your computer (no printing)

  1. This option assumes you have a PDF document that you want to mark up and submit without printing to paper.
  2. Use the free Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, available for Windows and MacOS, to open the PDF file. Do not use any other PDF program or your teacher may be unable to read your PDF document. (Chromebook users can use a free Chrome extension like Kami to perform the same basic functions.)
  3. Use the Tools menu and then the Comment icon to select mark-up tools for writing on the PDF page without printing it (a pen tablet is helpful for this). Do not edit the original contents of the PDF. All of your work should written or typed on top of the original content.
  4. You can also paste screen area capture images into PDF documents, using the CTRL/CMD-v function to paste the clipboard to the PDF.
  5. Use Save As to save the edited PDF file to a place on your computer where you can find it easily.
  6. Submit the edited PDF file to StudyPlace. The submitted PDF file must be 8 MB or smaller.
    • If your PDF has extra pages, you can delete them the free web application Smallpdf (delete pages).
    • If your final PDF is too large, you can compress it with the free web application Smallpdf (compress) or PDF Compressor or WeCompress.
    • If your teacher returns the assignment saying it is unreadable, it is most likely because you did not use Adobe Acrobat Reader DC. To make the file readable, drop the PDF file in a Chrome browser window, the Print to PDF (do not Save to PDF) -- this produces a flattened (i.e., everything is converted to an image) version of your PDF document for you to submit that can be graded by the teacher.

Option 2: Use your desktop scanner or phone camera to scan-to-PDF work done on paper

  1. This option assumes that you have done your work on paper and you want to convert that paper work to a PDF document.
  2. The work done on paper should be legible with dark writing on a white background, clearly formatted and well-organized. Work that cannot be easily read and followed will be assumed to be incorrect.
  3. Scanning a paper document to a PDF document can be done with a desktop scanner or a smart phone.
    • For a desktop scanner, follow the directions that come with your scanner. If you have an older scanner or are having trouble with the included software, VueScan can be used to update your scanner software and create scanned PDF documents.
    • For an Android phone, CamScanner or any equivalent app is a good option for creating a scanned PDF document.
    • For an iPhone, Genius Scan or any equivalent app is a good option for creating a scanned PDF document.
  4. Scan your pages into a single PDF document. The submitted PDF file must be 6 MB or smaller.
    • If you have multiple PDF files that you want to combine into one PDF file to submit, you can combine them to a single PDF file using the free web application Smallpdf (merge). If your PDF pages are not oriented correctly (i.e., if some pages are sideways or upside down), you must orient and sequence them all correctly in the single combined file before submitting the PDF.
    • If your final PDF is too large, you can compress it with the free web application Smallpdf (compress) or PDF Compressor or WeCompress to compress your large PDF so it can be submitted.
  5. Submit the scanned PDF file to StudyPlace.
    • If the file was scanned directly to your computer, locate the file and submit it to StudyPlace from that computer.
    • If it was scanned to your phone, it can be transferred to your computer using an application like Pushbullet, or you can email it from your phone to your computer as an attachment, save it to your computer from your email, and then submit to StudyPlace from your computer.
  6. Please be sure to submit PDF files, not pictures (please do not submit the jpg image from your scanner or camera). TPS teachers will not accept jpg images submitted as documents.

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