Assignments - How do I make an audio recording to submit to an assignment?
Some classes (e.g., some foreign language classes) may require you to submit an audio file for an assignment. For simple audio files, we recommend the free version of WavePad (, available for Windows and Mac. Get the free non-expiring version from this page only (every other pages links the non-free expiring version). For Chromebook users, there is a free Android application called "WavePad Audio Editor Free" in the Play store.

  1. When the recording window first opens, change the Sample Rate to 22,050 and the Channels to "Mono". You can also correct this after you make the recording.
  2. Make the recording, correcting any errors (e.g., mic levels too high) identified by the program.
  3. Use the Save drop-down to Save File As. Select MPEG Layer-3 (*.mp3) as the format.
  4. Give the file a recognizable name and location on your hard drive (so you can find it later).
  5. In the next window (MP3 Encoder Options) select Constant Bit Rate, 128 (kbps), and Channels Encoder Mode as "Mono".
  6. Locate your file and submit it to StudyPlace.

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