Assignments - How do I make an audio recording to submit to an assignment?
Some classes (e.g., some foreign language classes) may require you to submit an audio file for an assignment. For simple audio files, you may use any software that creates MP3 files and allows you to set the channels (mono) and sample rate (22,050). (These settings are for the purpose of keeping the file small to make it easier for you to submit to StudyPlace.)

Most phones have software for recording voice files. There are also many free options for various devices and operating systems. One that works in any browser is Twisted Wave. Another that works on Windows and Mac is the free version of WavePad (

General directions for recording and submitting are below. Note that these will need to be adapted to whatever app you use to make the MP3 recording. Also note that you may not submit a link to a cloud file or a file in a format other than MP3 -- you must upload a small MP3 file to StudyPlace.

  1. When the recording window first opens, change the Sample Rate to 22,050 and the Channels to "Mono". You can also correct this after you make the recording.
  2. Make the recording, correcting any errors (e.g., mic levels too high) identified by the program.
  3. Use the Save drop-down to Save File As. Select MPEG Layer-3 (*.mp3) as the format.
  4. Give the file a recognizable name and location on your hard drive (so you can find it later).
  5. In the next window (MP3 Encoder Options) select Constant Bit Rate, 128 (kbps), and Channels Encoder Mode as "Mono".
  6. Locate your file and submit it to StudyPlace.

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