Assignments - May I submit a cloud document (e.g., Google Docs) for an assignment?
Cloud documents may not be submitted as assignments. However, they may be exported to document files and then submitted in the required format. Students may not submit links to cloud documents, and must submit the actual file document.

For example, Googls Docs may be used as follows:

-- Google Docs can be exported as .doc files for submitting to TPS assignments.

-- Word documents may be imported to Google Docs for viewing or editing (including viewing teacher comments and feedback).

However, please note that Microsoft Online has MS Office apps for the Chrome browser, and students using a Chromebook may find these to be more powerful and useful than Google Docs. Microsoft Office Online is a subscription-based service. Students using a Windows or Mac PC should consider the free cross-platform Libre Office if they do not have Microsoft Office or Microsoft Online.

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