Automated Tests (AT) - How do I take an auto-scored test?
  1. Automated tests should not be opened until you are ready to take the test in one sitting following any directions (parent oversight, open/closed notes, time limit) provided by your teacher.
  2. Questions are saved as you answer them, but you can change them until you submit the test. If your browser or internet has a problem during the test, you can reload your browser or reboot your computer and re-open the test immediately without losing your work.
  3. Log in to the Student StudyPlace (
  4. Assignments icon.
  5. Select the quiz or test (auto-score tests have an "AT" designator in the left column).

    Automated Test - Select

  6. Take Test button (near top of window).
  7. Answer each question. (Unanswered questions will indicate this with an "N" in the left column of the question list. You may review questions and change answers during the test, until you submit it. You get only one attempt for the test.)

    Automated Test - Answer

  8. When you're done with the test, click Close and Submit Test. After a short pause (around 5 seconds), you will receive your results, and the correct answers to any missed questions.
  9. You can review your test results, with correct answers to any missed questions,from your Grades icon.
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