Assignments - What is the process for proctoring an exam taken at home?
In high school and middle school courses, TPS requires major tests to be proctored by parents, including use of a standard signature form to help guide and certify the process. Proctored tests are beneficial and important for accountability and credibility. They contribute to increased learning retention and higher course grades. They prepare students for standardized tests and college tests. They also provide an effective and efficient opportunity for busy parents to contribute to and oversee their students’ education. Background information on the purpose and benefits of proctored exams is here:

Proctor Form

The proctor signature form should be attached to the test questions document that is downloaded by the proctor. If the proctor signature form is required as a separate download, it may be downloaded here if it is not already attached to the exam (right-click the link below and select "Save As"):

TPS Proctor Signature Form (docx)

TPS Proctor Signature Form (pdf)

Proctored Exam Process Guidelines

  1. Reporting and Credit
    • If any portion of these guidelines cannot be followed in whole or in part, proctor must report the deviation in writing to TPS Support (
    • For Middle School and High School courses, exam proctoring is an unwaiverable unmodifiable component in the process of taking TPS courses in the home, and correctly proctoring the tests is a factor in the credit for the test. Failure to carefully follow the proctor guidelines for an exam may result in loss of some or all credit for the exam. Parents who prefer not to proctor exams may contact TPS to discuss options for completing the course without proctoring exams.

  2. Exam Preparation
    • Student prepare for the exam by studying the core course materials (lecture notes, textbook, assigned readings). Students should not study from external web sites (particularly not exam prep sites) or from the work of other students (including prior exams from other students).
    • Student report to proctor (parent) when ready to take the test.
    • Proctor verify that student is prepared for the exam (academically, mentally, physically) and there is sufficient time to complete and submit the test in one unbroken sitting. Do not start a test that cannot be completed and submitted in one sitting without breaks.
    • Proctor establish a quiet environment for test-taking without interruptions, and where the proctor may continually physically observe the student from the start of the test until the test is correctly submitted.
    • Proctor remove mobile phones, tablets, books, notes, and other items not directly related to taking the test and allowed as exceptions for the test. Proctor have student reboot computer and open only the application (usually Word or Adobe Reader) needed to take the test (no extra apps or browser tabs).
    • Proctor instruct student in the testing guidelines.

  3. Exam Provided to Student
    • Many tests in TPS have two parts -- the multiple choice (MCQ) portion and the written "free-response" (FRQ) portion. Both parts are considered one test for proctoring purposes. They must be taken together and submitted together under one proctor form.
    • Proctor download and provide test questions to student. (The exam questions should not be provided to the student prior to this, including in verbal, modified, summarized or topical form. The student should have no prior information about the exam unless it is provided by the teacher.)

  4. Student Take Exam
    • Unless the exam instructions explicitly specify an exception, it is required that the exam is taken in a single sitting with no breaks without books, notes, external web sites or apps, or any other study aids or coaching.
    • Upon completion, student review exam to ensure all questions are completed.
    • Save the document (with unsigned proctor form attached) as a single document (docx or pdf format) with a known name to a known location to prevent loss of work and prepare document for submission.

  5. Proctor Signature
    • Proctor review the exam and proctor form to ensure the exam is the complete and correct version of the exam document that was just completed by the student.
    • Proctor ensure that the proctor form is attached to the exam as a single document, enter the times on the proctor form, then sign and date/time the attached proctor form.

  6. Exam Submitted and Verified (after submitting)
    • Proctor observe student submitting the combined test and form to StudyPlace.
    • Proctor ensure student verifies the correct document was submitted correctly using this guide:

      If the verification reveals an incorrectly submitted exam, the correct version of the correct document including attached signed proctor form should be resubmitted immediately while the uninterrupted proctoring is still established.

  7. Exam Materials Collected from Student
    • Student return test questions and all test materials to proctor for deletion / destruction.

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