Assignments - How do I submit a file to an Assignment?
  1. Log in to the Student StudyPlace ( (assignments cannot be submitted from the family page).

  2. Click Assignments icon.


  3. Select your Assignment from the list and click the Submit File button. (Note: If you want to submit again (additional file or resubmit) to an Assignment already submitted, see the next step).


    If you want to submit again to an Assignment you’ve already submitted, change the Upcoming menu to Recent or All, and use the Local Filter to search for it, then use the Submit File button.


  4. Select the source of your file.


    • If the file is on your computer hard drive or connected cloud drive, select File.
      • Locate the file on your computer using the Select File... button.
      • StudyPlace will accept any file type, but your teacher will specify for each assignment what file formats (e.g., doc, docx, pdf, GP6 Doc, ppt, etc.) you may submit for a particular assignment. Please follow assignment directions to receive full credit.
      • StudyPlace will not accept a file larger than 6 MB. If your file is too large, please see these instructions to compress it.
      • For help with Office document formats (doc, docx, ppt) please see these instructions.
      • For help with PDF assignments, please see these instructions.
      • For help with audio file assignments, please see these instructions.

    • If the file is a GP6 Document, select GP6 Document.
      • From the GP6 Document dropdown you may select any Locked GP6 Document version from your GP6 Library.
      • For help with GP6 Documents, please see these instructions.

    • If the file is a web page, picture, video, forum post, or other item with a web address, select URL.
      • In the External Link field you may paste or type any http:// or https:// web address (URL).
      • The teacher will receive the link, not the file, so the teacher must be able to open the web address.
      • Please do not put links to Google Documents in this box. Google Docs must be exported as files (e.g., doc) and submitted as files from your hard drive.

  5. Before submitting, give the file a Title that identifies the file contents. It is not necessary to identify the class, assignment or student, because StudyPlace adds this information when the file is submitted.

  6. The Description is optional, but it may be helpful if you want your teacher to know additional information (e.g., "Please ignore previous file. Use this one instead.").

  7. Submit the File, GP6 Document, or URL using the Upload or Submit button.

  8. When your file is finished uploading, a receipt number will appear in StudyPlace. The receipt will appear after StudyPlace has run a check to verify that the file is completely and securely saved for you to this assignment. If you want your own record that you submitted the file, copy down this receipt number and keep it where you can find it again.
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