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Operating System: Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows Vista
Product or Service: StudyPlace, GatherPlace, TutorPlace
Client Software: GP4
Yes, if you are using a Microsoft Windows computer. (See Microsoft Users heading below for details.)
If you are using a Macintosh computer, application sharing is not quite ready yet. (See Mac Users heading below for details.)

Microsoft Users

Hosts using Microsoft Windows computers can choose to share their entire desktop or one or more applications that are running on their computer including Microsoft Office applications, database applications, or custom applications. If you can run it locally, you can show it and share it with GatherPlace!

The process is essentially the same for either method and is accomplished by selecting what you would like to share from the Presentation Settings dialog after you have started your presentation.
For more details, please see the steps below on using either application or desktop sharing in your meetings.

  1. For either desktop or application sharing, the host must be in a meeting and presenting.
    As long as there is a button on GP4 that says Presentation Settings, you are presenting.

    If the first button on GP4 is labeled Start Presenting you are hosting the meeting but are not currently presenting.
    To start presenting, simply click the Start Presenting button which will display the Presentation Settings dialog.

    GP4 when hosting and NOT presenting.
    Note the Start Presenting button at the top.
    GP4 when hosting AND presenting.

  2. If you are NOT presenting, click the Start Presenting button on GP4 to open the Presentation Settings dialog.
    If you ARE presenting, click the Presentation Settings button on GP4 to open the Presentation Settings dialog.

  3. From the Presentation Settings dialog (below), select the Desktop option to share the entire desktop or select one or more of the applications from the list to share only those applications with your guests.

    The Presentation Settings dialog.

  4. Click the OK button on the Presentation Settings dialog.

Mac Users
We are working to make application sharing available to Mac Users. In the meantime, Mac Users can host and present with GatherPlace by sharing their desktop (primary monitor only on multi-monitor systems).

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